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Textile knowledge: scarf choose two steps"
Time:2016/1/11 16:02:24

The colorful scarves are Amy love. However, reasonable selection of love for their scarves is extremely vexing problem. The small sums up 4 points of practical experience, to help all the beauty who choose to affordable and desirable.
1 identify quality from cloth and color. The fabric is the first element, in addition to "manual", scarf edge sewing for the election. Printing color must be uniform, in general, the more rich color quality, the better.
2 in accordance with the characteristics of the selection of. For example: a short neck, pick thin small scarf, best node on the side of the neck, or loose low in the chest; Petite people should avoid too long too cumbersome method.
3 pay attention to whether there is no special design. A specially designed scarf to use a special style to show creativity. Must pay attention to the design, must personally try to tie.
4 to meet the personal style. If you belong to darling female, so silk scarf will be the best choice; and transparent gauze qualitative scarves for romantic style; want to try the avant-garde style, with glossy texture of the scarf will have unexpected results.
When you like a scarf, the first thing to do is to be close to the face, look at the face and whether. If you don't deserve it, don't hesitate to give up. Need to pay attention to is that some scarves color design, though unexceptionable, but with their favorite and suitable color between still exist subtle differences. This situation should be compared to a variety of colors, and then look at the mirror from a distance, to confirm the situation and the overall shape of the clothing and the overall atmosphere of the situation. Back effect and side effects can not be ignored. Then the scarf form usually common shape to wear, so you can know the pattern exhibited by the style and effect.
No matter how good the scarf, and if the clothing does not match, it will only have to occupy your closet space. To clear their purpose is to match the office dress, or to show their presence at the dinner party. If there is enough room for selection, but also consider the color of lipstick, belt or bag and other small accessories with.
When you wear your favorite scarves, must be full of confidence, totally do not have to worry too much, just take some effort to match, even if there is little mistakes, others will think is a reflection of your personality.