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Silk maintenance company
Time:2016/1/11 16:04:38

Washing: Silk Long Scarf dress is a protein fiber weaving and, sweaty after silk clothes to immediately wash, wash should not be in rough objects rubbing and washing should be the clothes over immersed in cold water 5 - 10 minutes, with a special silk detergent or neutral soap Qingrou Qingcuo, painted silk dress in clean water repeated washing can be, if by dropping a few drops of vinegar water soak, so that wash out of silk clothes soft and smooth.
Drying: silk clothes after washing is not the sun, more should not use the dryer heat drying, the general should be in cool and dry place. Because the sun's ultraviolet rays are easy to make the silk fabric yellowing, aging. Silk clothes after washing should not be twisted around the water, should be gently doukai, anti - out airing, dry to dry and then shake flat ironing or 70.
Ironing: Anti Wrinkle properties of silk clothing is chemical fiber fabric is a bit poor, it is "not really does not wrinkle silk". After washing clothes such as wrinkle, crisp, elegant only need ironing. When ironing clothes dry to dry and then evenly spray water, to be 5 - 3 minutes and then hot, ironing temperature should be controlled at 150 degrees C. Iron should not directly touch the silk surface, the best cloth pad. Preserved: preservation of silk dress, suits of thin, shirts, pants, skirts, dresses, pajamas, first to wash clean, ironing dry again. For the inconvenience and the autumn and winter clothing, cheongsam to dry, to prevent mildew and moth. At the same time, the storage of clothing boxes, cabinets should be kept clean, as far as possible to seal well, to prevent dust pollution. Do not put mothballs, otherwise easily embrittlement.