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The price of silk has hit a new high in the history of the silk scarf.
Time:2016/1/11 16:07:16

Recently, the silk market, Ms. Tang found that this year's silk products than in previous years, the fabric is thin, especially the scarf, satin silk scarf has been very rare, and the thin silk scarf accounted for most of the.
Person in charge of the company's Ms. Shen said, from last year began domestic silk long scarf prices higher, this silk products with thin products, with satin material thick fabric is relatively small.
Hangzhou China Silk City CMC management section chief Chen said that compared with other fabrics of clothing, silk fabrics have been relatively thin, so in the costumes reflected is not obvious, but relatively thin fabric scarves and other accessories this year, Georgette, Dongfeng yarn used more, and satin is relatively less.
From the beginning of the year, the price of domestic silk rose rapidly. 2009, the domestic price of silk is only 170 thousand yuan / ton, the first half of last year, the domestic silk price reached 280 thousand yuan / ton, recently rushed to the history of 400 thousand yuan / ton, the highest price. Yesterday, Zhejiang B silk market price at 400 thousand yuan / ton, Guangxi, Sichuan, Jiangsu and other places of the raw silk price has been over
Over 400 thousand yuan / ton, the actual transaction is more than this price, the highest price has been 420 thousand yuan / ton history." The person in charge of a Huzhou Reeling Enterprises said.
Because cannot resist the pressure of the raw material rises in price again and again, recently a Hangzhou silk garment enterprises to agents released a part Xiangyun silk products notice of price increases, a fragrant cloud silk dress, from the original 245 yuan rose to 290 yuan, made of the same material as a skirt with shoulder straps, also from the original 200 yuan or so, up to 260 yuan of above. A silk dress, the maximum rose more than three.